About Dr. Koller


I am a licensed clinical psychologist with A diverse and comprehensive background of education, training, and clinical experiences. I was inspired to study psychology while at Stanford University, where I received Bachelor Degrees in both international Relations and psychology. I had the privilege of working on psychological research regarding empathy, affect regulation, mood disorders in the mother-child dyad, and eating disorders in young children and adolescents. I remember conducting research Comparing participants’ levels of empathy after observing talks by the Dalai Lama versus Donald Trump. This was in 2005 but I remember that research protocol vividly; the results were quite profound.

I continued to work in a research capacity at the Center for Psychotherapy Research at the University of Pennsylvania. There I contributed to the implementation of research protocols, Conference presentations, and peer-reviewed journal publications regarding treatment for anxiety disorders, Substance Abuse, and the dissemination of manualized psychotherapy treatments in community mental health centers. During that time I also became a certified yoga instructor, and I continue to bring my experience of practicing and teaching yoga into my clinical practice. i never had a patient in downward dog (maybe one day), but I know the importance of breathing, Movement, and the Deep Connection between the body and the mind. Psychological traumas held in the body can feel debilitating, just as medical traumas held in the mind can feel unbearable.

I began My doctoral training in clinical psychology at Drexel University in 2009. I was intrigued and excited to specialize in forensic clinical psychology. With this specialty in mind, I had many opportunities to Expand my diagnostic and assessment skills by conducting forensic evaluations for both criminal and civil litigation. I contributed to peer-reviewed journal articles and books about topics such as psychopathy, sex offenders, drug courts, and the quality of forensic training programs. During my time as a doctoral candidate, I also worked for four years at University counseling centers- at Haverford college, St. Joseph’s University, and Drexel University. I spent one year working at the Anxiety and AGoraphobia Treatment Center in Bala Cynwyd, PA. I continued to hone my clinical skills while obtaining an APA-Accredited Predoctoral internship and postdoctoral Fellowship at the University of Pennsylvania Health System. I had the privilege to work with a diverse set of patients who presented with complex trauma histories and symptoms of PTSD, eating disorders, mood and anxiety disorders, Grief and bereavement, and relational difficulties. I worked for two years in the oncology department of Pennsylvania Hospital, helping oncology patients as well as their caregivers, i also spent a portion of my fellowship creating clinical programming for the Intensive Care Nursery at Pennsylvania Hospital.

I describe to you the above experiences because they have enriched my thinking as a clinical psychologist. I think with flexibility and creativity. I know the power of behavioral interventions, cognitive behavioral treatments, mindfulness-based practices, emotionally-focused work, and psychodynamic conceptualizations. I treat with an integrative approach to patient care. I have treated patients with both acute and chronic symptoms, with short-term crises and with more long-term exploratory needs and desires. I have had the privilege to help patients create new beginnings and meaningful endings. I have witnessed remarkable courage and change. My patients have been my most profound teachers. I continue to be inspired and humbled by this work. I am committed to continually expanding my own worldview, aspiring to grow alongside my patients. I welcome the opportunity to learn more about you and to be a part of your journey of growth and living with greater clarity, awareness, and meaning. I want to help you to reduce your psychological symptoms and relieve your emotional pain. Psychotherapy treatment is precious and at times critical and vital. At moments this work may feel difficult, raw, and vulnerable. Ultimately, I hope that I can offer you a safe space where psychotherapy will feel profound and effective.

Please contact me by email- julie@kollerphd.com, or by phone- (610)-816-0031, to speak with me and to set up an initial appointment.